ACE Gerang Assam (100g)
ACE-Fishmarket®️ ACE Gerang Assam (100g) $2.90
ACE Gerang Assam is the perfect centrepiece for an Indonesian-inspired meal. Its robust and complex flavors complement a variety of dishes - from plain jasmine rice, to stir-fried vegetables, or even an assortment of tofu and tempeh dishes. However, it truly shines when paired with steamed white rice, allowing the intricate flavors of the tamarind and fish to stand out. For a more festive occasion, try it as a key component of a Nasi Padang feast, alongside classics such as Beef Rendang, Sambal Udang (prawn sambal), and Sayur Lodeh (mixed vegetables in coconut milk). With ACE Gerang Assam, your options are virtually limitless. Its tangy, spicy goodness takes every recipe up a notch, promising a mouthwatering dining experience that your family and friends will remember. Enjoy the unique taste of Indonesia today with ACE Gerang Assam.
ACE Sambal Petai (100g)
ACE-Fishmarket®️ ACE Sambal Petai (100g) $2.90
Introducing ACE Sambal Petai, an aromatic fusion of Indonesia's culinary gems, set to bring an explosion of flavor to your meals. This premium product combines the rich, spicy taste of sambal, a classic Indonesian chili sauce, with the distinct flavor and health benefits of petai, a regional bean known for its strong flavor and nutritional content. Expertly crafted from fresh and quality ingredients, ACE Sambal Petai packs a delightful punch of heat with a hint of sweetness, enriched by the unique texture of petai beans. It is free of preservatives, promising you an authentic Indonesian culinary experience with every spoonful. ACE Sambal Petai is incredibly versatile, transforming everyday meals into exotic feasts. It pairs excellently with grilled fish, fried rice, or as a spicy condiment to elevate your Nasi Lemak. For an even more authentic experience, enjoy it with warm jasmine rice and a serving of Ayam Goreng (Indonesian fried chicken). With ACE Sambal Petai, every meal becomes an exciting journey of tastes and textures. Spice up your life and ignite your senses with the irresistible charm of ACE Sambal Petai!
ACE Sauce Combo
ACE-Fishmarket®️ ACE Sauce Combo $8.50
ACE-Fishmarket proudly presents the exciting ACE Trio Combo Pack - Gerang Assam, Sambal Petai, and Nonya Steam, now bundled together for just $8.50. This unique combo invites you to a grand tour of Indonesia's rich culinary landscape, offering you an array of authentic and mouthwatering flavors in one convenient package. The Trio Combo features the ACE Gerang Assam, a zesty fusion of tamarind and fish, perfect for enlivening any rice or seafood dish. Complement it with the ACE Sambal Petai, an exquisite blend of spicy sambal and petai beans that adds a fiery kick to your meals. Round off your gastronomic journey with the ACE Nonya Steam sauce, an ode to the vibrant Peranakan cuisine, which elevates your steamed dishes to new heights of flavor. Each sauce in the ACE Trio Combo Pack is crafted from top-quality, fresh ingredients, free from preservatives, ensuring a wholesome, authentic, and delicious dining experience. Whether used individually or in a harmonious fusion, these sauces are sure to enhance your recipes, transporting you and your loved ones to the heart of Indonesia's culinary heritage. ACE Trio Combo Pack - the ultimate choice for those seeking an authentic, adventurous, and affordable gastronomic experience. Start your Indonesian culinary journey today, and indulge in the rich, tantalizing tastes that ACE-Fishmarket has to offer!
ACE Threadfin  - ACE SG-Fish™️
ACE-Fishmarket®️ ACE Threadfin - ACE SG-Fish™️ from $10.50 - $13.50 $15.90
A rare and highly sought after delicacy in the world of seafood and native to the waters of Southeast Asia, these fish are known for their unique four-fingered fins and delicate, buttery flavor. Farmed using sustainable methods in the Eco-Ark, our Fourfinger Threadfin are carefully handpicked for their quality and size. These fish are sure to impress even the most discerning seafood connoisseur. Order now and experience the taste and texture of true culinary luxury.
ACE Trevally (100g-400g)
ACE-Fishmarket®️ ACE Trevally (100g-400g) from $6.90 - $7.90
A pack of ACE Trevally, available in 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g. Choose ACE Trevally Fish for a nutritious and flavorful addition to your meals. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, it promotes heart, brain, and overall health. Enjoy its firm texture and savory taste in various cooking styles, such as grilling, baking, or pan-searing. Discover the benefits and versatility of ACE Trevally Fish today.
ACE Nonya Steam (100g)
ACE-Fishmarket®️ ACE Nonya Steam (100g) $2.90
Presenting ACE Nonya Steam, your passport to the vibrant flavors of Peranakan cuisine right from your kitchen. Our product marries the culinary traditions of the Chinese-Malay Nonya culture, delivering a symphony of flavors that celebrate the richness and diversity of Southeast Asian cooking.ACE Nonya Steam is a meticulously crafted blend of premium ingredients, all steeped in a Nonya-inspired sauce that is savory, mildly spicy, and delicately sweet. This sauce is perfect for steaming, bringing out the natural flavors of your chosen ingredients, be it fish, vegetables, or tofu. Made with no preservatives, it ensures you enjoy an authentic, healthy, and satisfying meal every time.This magical concoction is particularly well-suited to steamed fish recipes, transforming a simple dish into a star attraction with its dynamic flavor profile. It also works wonders with steamed tofu or mixed vegetables, adding a burst of Southeast Asian zest.ACE Nonya Steam brings the beloved Peranakan food tradition to your home, making every meal a celebration. Discover the taste of Nonya heritage with ACE Nonya Steam, and let your culinary adventure begin!
Buy 1 Pencai Get 3 180g Seabass Fillets
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Buy 1 Pencai Get 3 180g Seabass Fillets from $159.80 - $319.60 $188.00
Known as a flavourful and auspicious dish, Pen Cai is a traditional Chinese dish symbolising prosperity and harmony. Crafted with a combination of succulent meats, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and more, this dish comes together in vibrant layers, making it a delectable centrepiece of the Chinese New Year feast. Enjoy this epicurean experience and bring the flavour of celebration to your dinner table with this easy Pen Cai recipe: Ingredients: Meat: Crispy Pork Belly Roasted Mid-Joint Chicken Wings Seafood: Fish Maw Dried Oysters Japanese Dried Scallop Prawn Paste Ball Australian Sea Cucumber Abalone & Ham Sauce / Truffle & Ham Sauce Vegetables: Fat Choy Fried Yam Fried Lotus Root Flower Mushroom How to cook: To Steam: Defrost all the ingredients then steam for 30-40 minutes. Ready to serve. To Boil using a gas stove: Defrost all the ingredients, then boil over small to medium fire heat. Ready to serve. To Boil using induction / ceramic hob: Defrost all the ingredients, then boil over medium fire heat. Ready to serve.
-14% sale
Duo Fillet Feast
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Duo Fillet Feast $68.00 $78.40
Indulge in the ocean's bounty with our Duo Fillet Feast bundle! Salmon Bundle 1kg Sea Bass Fillet 1kg (5pkt of 200gm) Original Price: $78.40Discounted Price: $68
-10% sale
Halibut Steak (500gm)
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Halibut Steak (500gm) $19.90 $21.90
1 pack of Halibut Steak cuts (500gm per pack).Enjoy the delicate flavour and clean taste of the Halibut Steaks!Wild caught in the cold waters off the coast Greenland Arctic-Northern Atlantic Ocean. The Halibut is a beautiful white fish known for it delicate texture and flavor with a good source of Omega-3. It cooks well and holds it shape thus making it perfect fish to serve. It’s versatile whether you grill steam bake or pan fry.
-14% sale
Mother's Day Bundle
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Mother's Day Bundle $95.00 $109.80
Celebrate the special women in your life with our Mother's Day Bundle, featuring a delicious seafood feast that includes: 2 Sea Bass Fillet (250g) 1 Sea Bass Fillet Sliced (220g) 1 Sea Bass GGS (500g) 2 Threadfin GGS (300g) 1 Salmon Bundle (650g) 1 Cooked Prawn 41/50 (1kg/pkt)
Peranakan Set
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Peranakan Set $22.50
Indulge in the vibrant flavors of the Peranakan Set! This enticing bundle showcases the rich and unique culinary heritage of the Peranakan culture. 1 pc of Sea Bass GGS 500g 2 pcs of Sea Bass Fillet 180g 1 pkt of ACE Gerang Assam Paste 100g/pkt 1 pkt of ACE Nonya Steam Paste 100g/pkt From aromatic spices to tantalising sauces, immerse yourself in a fusion of Chinese and Malay influences that create a symphony of exquisite flavors. Experience the true essence of Peranakan cuisine with this remarkable set that will transport your taste buds to new culinary heights. Get ready to savor a delightful blend of tradition and innovation in every bite!
Petai-Petai Set
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Petai-Petai Set $13.50
Introducing the Petai-Petai Set, a celebration of bold flavors and tantalizing aromas! This extraordinary bundle showcases the distinct and unique taste of petai, a beloved ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. 1 pc of Sea Bass Fillet 350g 1 pkt of ACE Sambal Petai Paste 100g/pkt Get ready to experience the perfect harmony of earthy and nutty notes that petai brings to your dishes. Embark on a culinary journey with the Petai-Petai Set and discover a whole new level of gastronomic delight!
Sea Bass GGS without Head (Mixed Size) 500gm/Pkt
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Sea Bass GGS without Head (Mixed Size) 500gm/Pkt from $7.90 - $15.00
  Sea Bass GGS without head, of mixed sizes, total pack size approximately 500gm/Pkt. A fish cleaned and decapitated for your convenience. Just pop it into your steamer/ pan and cook straight away! Cut in a way that fits your small steamer/ pans, or a hearty meal for 1-2.   

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