Frequently Asked Questions


Last update: 9 March 2022


When can I expect my order?

After payment is confirmed, we put together your order. Due to the nature of the product, sometimes the cut/weight of fish you order will not be available upon your order if this occurs our staff will contact you with some other options! After that, you can expect your fish to arrive in 1-3 business days! You can expect your order to be delivered during the daytime. All pricing and shipping include GST.


Are your fish farmed in the wild or caught?

The Eco-Ark® is a closed containment fish farm, meaning unlike traditional fish farms that submerge nets in the open sea, the fish on board the Eco-Ark® are raised in 500m³ capacity tanks with clean inlet seawater, filtered and ozone sterilized to kill all pathogens and ensure healthy upbringing that is fresher than wild caught fish.



Do the fish have bones?

Our fish is processed for your convenience – descaled, gutted and deboned. However, we encourage you to always be careful as small soft bones may be left behind.


What is the ECO-Ark®?

The Eco-Ark® is a patented high-tech floating fish farm. In addition to a higher production yield, it is an environmentally friendly fish farm that treats the water draining from the tanks before it is discharged into the sea. It uses solar energy to power the farm during the day, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.


Can we visit the ECO-Ark®?

We can conduct learning journey tours with organizations but not with individuals.


If an item is listed as out of stock, when can we expect a restock?

With the arrival of two additional units of the ECO-Ark® and one unit of the ECO-Spark® which will house our own brooders, you can expect less occurrence of our-of-stock products. However, if this happens, we invite you to check back with us or await an email informing you of a restock.


Are the fish fresh?

Yes! Fish is harvested on deck before immediately being transferred to our post-harvest room onboard the Eco-Ark, where they are further processed, packaged, then immediately deep-frozen – fresh and ready for you!


What are the GST rates for the prices listed on your website?

Our prices are inclusive of GST at either 7% or 8%, depending on the date of purchase. GST at 7% is applicable for purchases made before 1 Jan 2023, and GST at 8% is applicable for purchases made with effect from 1 Jan 2023.