UPGRAIN Half-Calorie Japanese Ramen
UPGRAIN Half-Calorie Japanese Ramen $6.50
低卡路里日本拉面 Enjoy Japanese Ramen with only ½ carbs and 6x more fibre.  Made from 100% natural ingredients and 0 preservatives, UPGRAIN’s Japanese Ramen is a healthier noodle option for your cooking recipe and makes a healthy diet feel like a cheat day. Produced in small batches and vacuum-packed to ensure its freshness, this noodle is specially curated for healthy yet quick meal prep, giving a high-quality taste and texture. This noodle is specifically made for ramen recipes giving you the smooth, chewy texture and all the taste of a ramen noodle. Serve the noodle in a bowl of thick, nutty, and sweet soup for Miso ramen, collagen-rich bone broth for Tonkotsu ramen, or any ramen soup you decide. Product Specification: Condition: Fresh Frozen Size: 280g packet Country of Origin: Singapore