The ECO-Ark®️

Founded and established by Mr. Leow Ban Tat in 2017, ACE®️ aims to support Singapore’s food security goal through sustainable fish farming. This led to the construction of Eco-Ark®️, the world's first purpose built closed containment floating fish farm in November 2019, just a few kilometers off of Changi Village.

Our fish food mile begins with locally-sourced eggs which are hatched and nurtured in our nursery before being transferred to 6-meter deep tanks in Eco-Ark®️. Our staff work all round the clock to ensure the fishes are healthy and happy.

With our daily harvesting and processing of the fish on the Eco-Ark®️, you can expect the highest quality and standards of fresh, healthy fish delivered to your doorstep on the very same day.


Equipped with advanced technology that allows us to responsibly filter and sterilise the seawater for farming as well as before discharging back into the ocean, we are able to minimise waste at every stage of our production on Eco-Ark®️.

With the use of ozonated and filtered water we can assure customers that our fishes are healthy and ethically farmed, without risks of contamination with water pollutants, vaccines, added hormones and antibiotics.

At Eco-Ark®️, we guarantee same-day delivery of our fish, boasting the shortest fish food mile in Singapore.

The Eco-Ark

Founder - Mr Leow Ban Tat


Inside Eco-Ark®️, A High-Tech Fish Farm In Singapore

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Our Fish Farms

ACE Eco-Spark

ACE Eco-Ark

Revolutionising Sustainability in Fish Farming

We raise healthy fish in chemical-free conditions, using game-changing technology as an alternative to traditional fish farming methods.

Eco-friendly Approach

The Eco-Ark®️ is 100% solar powered in the daytime with zero waste and no carbon emissions.

Sustainable Farming

Farming in a closed containment facility, we do not subject natural fish populations to overfishing, hence do not endanger the natural ecosystem.

Fresh and Chemical Free

Our fish are raised in closely monitored, optimal conditions, allowing them to grow freely, naturally and healthily, free of antibiotics, vaccines, hormones or microplastics.