Cooked Prawns
Cooked Prawns $20.90
鲜煮活白虾(即食) Enjoy the succulent taste of the pre-cooked White Shrimp! Specially made and packed for an easy and quick meal, this pre-cooked white shrimp serves as an ideal addition to salad, pasta, and sandwiches or can even be enjoyed plain as a snack or a main dish. This pre-cooked shrimp is 100% safe to eat from the package. Just reheat it in the microwave or cook on medium heat, and it’s ready to enjoy. You can also use this pre-cooked shrimp for any other cooking recipe by adding it last to ensure it’s not overcooked. Product Specification: Process: Cooked Frozen Size: (31-40 pieces)-1000g packet Country of Origin: Malaysia
Cooked Flower Clam
Cooked Flower Clam $5.00
鲜熟啦啦 / 鲜熟花蛤(即食) Indulge in the irresistible flavour and delicate texture of our Cooked Flower Clams. Sourced from pristine coastal waters, these delectable shellfish are expertly cooked to perfection, preserving their natural sweetness and tenderness. Each clam boasts a beautiful, fluted shell with a vibrant, glossy sheen that hints at the culinary delight within. Product Specification: Process: Cooked Frozen Size: (31-40 pieces)-500g packet