Seafood Collagen Broth
Seafood Collagen Broth $9.90
胶原蛋白海鲜汤 Naturally made seafood broth by simmering our own raised and harvested fish along with prawn shells for your cooking liquid base. Our seafood broth is made 100% from natural ingredients to present a fresh and rich seafood flavour. Full of flavour and nutrients! This specific seafood broth is made for Pao Fan liquid base to bring out a richer and fresher taste of seafood. Product Specification: Condition: Cooked Frozen Size: 500g packet Country of Origin: Singapore
UPGRAIN Half-Calorie Japanese Ramen
UPGRAIN Half-Calorie Japanese Ramen $6.50
低卡路里日本拉面 Enjoy Japanese Ramen with only ½ carbs and 6x more fibre.  Made from 100% natural ingredients and 0 preservatives, UPGRAIN’s Japanese Ramen is a healthier noodle option for your cooking recipe and makes a healthy diet feel like a cheat day. Produced in small batches and vacuum-packed to ensure its freshness, this noodle is specially curated for healthy yet quick meal prep, giving a high-quality taste and texture. This noodle is specifically made for ramen recipes giving you the smooth, chewy texture and all the taste of a ramen noodle. Serve the noodle in a bowl of thick, nutty, and sweet soup for Miso ramen, collagen-rich bone broth for Tonkotsu ramen, or any ramen soup you decide. Product Specification: Condition: Fresh Frozen Size: 280g packet Country of Origin: Singapore
ACE Smoked Sea Bass ACE Smoked Sea Bass
ACE Smoked Sea Bass from $7.90 - $36.60
ACE 渔场 - 烟熏本地金目鲈 Get the luxury taste of ACE’s Smoked Sea Bass! A hand-filleted sea bass gently smoked for a subtle sweetness made ready for you. We unwrap the richness of its natural flavour by using a smoking method, so the supreme taste of the sea bass becomes extraordinary. Our sea bass is cured to bring out the nutrients such as protein and omega fatty acids and also to slow the decomposition and act as a natural preservative to keep it longer in the freezer. This fish is not only flavourful but also contains great nutritional value, high in vitamin B-6, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, yet low in calories. Cooking sea bass is easy and even more effortless when pre-smoked. With ACE Smoked Sea bass, you don’t have to add many seasonings or cook it as it is. You can pan-fry, roast, or poach, then serve it with rice, salad, potatoes, or grilled veggies. Product Specification: Condition: Smoked Frozen, Ready-to-eat Variant: Smoked Sea Bass Original / Smoked Sea Bass 5 peppers/ Smoked Sea Bass Gravlax Size: 75g packet Country of Origin: Singapore
Cooked Flower Clam
Cooked Flower Clam $5.00
鲜熟啦啦 / 鲜熟花蛤(即食) Indulge in the irresistible flavour and delicate texture of our Cooked Flower Clams. Sourced from pristine coastal waters, these delectable shellfish are expertly cooked to perfection, preserving their natural sweetness and tenderness. Each clam boasts a beautiful, fluted shell with a vibrant, glossy sheen that hints at the culinary delight within. Product Specification: Process: Cooked Frozen Size: (31-40 pieces)-500g packet