To our ACE-Fishmarket customers and fans, we are excited to introduce our new customer loyalty rewards program, which rewards you for every dollar you spend!

Valid period: 30 July 2023 to 23 June 2024

How to earn ACE Dollar:

  1. Register an account at ACE website to get 5 ACE Dollars instantaneously
  2. Every dollar spent at ACE-Fishmarket will earn you an ACE Dollar

How to use ACE Dollars:

Accumulate your ACE Dollars to upgrade your membership level and unlock increasingly exciting benefits 😀

  • Silver membership (500 ACE Dollars): Start to enjoy 3% off every purchase when you accumulate 500 ACE Dollars. Plus, a Silver membership gift of $20 ACE voucher.
  • Gold membership (1200 ACE Dollars): Start to enjoy 5% off every purchase when you accumulate 1200 ACE Dollars. Plus, a Gold membership gift of $20 ACE voucher
  • Platinum membership (2000 ACE Dollars): Start to enjoy 10% off every purchase when you accumulate 2000 ACE Dollars. Plus, a Platinum membership gift of $20 ACE voucher

What’s more exciting… Refer ACE to friends and get rewarded!

Here’s how:

  1. Find Your Link: Your referral link is ready for you on the order confirmation page.

  2. Share the Savings: Quickly share your link via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also copy and paste it for sharing on other platforms like SMS and WhatsApp.

  3. Your Friend’s Reward: Once your friend clicks on the referral link, they will be redirected to the store’s page; where they’ll have to enter their email address in a prompt to get their reward/discount code via e-mail. Your friend will need to manually copy and paste the code for it to be applied at checkout.

  4. Your Reward: When your friend makes a purchase with the reward/dicount code, that’s when the referral is considered completed. Only then you will receive an email notifying you that your friend has made a purchase with your reward/discount code, which you can find by logging into the store, clicking on the panel > Your rewards.

  5. Congratulations! Your 15%* discount coupon is now valid once you have followed all the steps above.

*: note the discount coupon cannot be used together with other order or product promotions

    Boost your ACE Dollars balance by referring friends and creating an account on our website. Every step brings you closer to becoming an ACE-FishMarket VIP!