ACE Fresh Frozen Threadfin Fillet ACE Fresh Frozen Threadfin Fillet
ACE Fresh Frozen Threadfin Fillet from $11.00 - $19.00
ACE 渔场 - 新加坡本地午鱼 鲜冻鱼片 Proud product of ACE and “Wagyu of Fish”,  Threadfins are rare and highly sought-after delicacy in the world of seafood and native to the waters of Southeast Asia. They are known for their unique four-fingered fins and delicate, creamy, buttery flavour. Threadfins are often considered the "go-to fish” for a multitude of dietary needs. For weaning babies, it provides a gentle introduction to solid foods due to its soft texture and mild flavour.  For lactating mothers, its bone broth is known to boost milk production when paired with green unripe papaya.  For patients dealing with conditions like tuberculosis and anaemia, it provides rich nutrition and is easy to digest. For the elderly, children and all of us, it is soft, sweet taste and high in proteins and other nutritions, making it a delightful addition to their diet.These fish are sure to impress even the most discerning seafood connoisseur. Order now and experience the taste and texture of true culinary luxury. Condition: Fresh Frozen Size: 150 / 180g / 200g / 250g / 300g Country of Origin: Singapore