ACE Mid-Autumn $10 Set ACE Mid-Autumn $10 Set
ACE Mid-Autumn $10 Set $10.00
🌟 $10 Set Option 1: Sea Bass GGS (w/o Head)3Pcs - 500g/Pkt Dive into the rich flavours of the sea with our exquisite Sea Bass GGS trio set. Each pack contains three premium cuts of sea bass, head removed, ready to grace your dinner table with its tender flesh and delightful taste. Whether it's grilled, steamed, or baked, this sea bass will surely be the star of your festive meal. Option 2: Smoked Sea Bass Gravlax with 5 Peppers Add a touch of luxury to your Mid-Autumn Festival with our Smoked Sea Bass Gravlax and 5 Peppers falvours. The perfect balance of smoky flavour and spicy kick makes it a great addition to your festive spread. Enjoy it as a star appetizer or a gourmet snack designed to impress. Option 3: Sea Bass GGS Duo Packs (100-200g, 500g each) Prepare a sumptuous seafood feast with our Sea Bass GGS duo packs. Each set contains two packs of fresh, quality sea bass, ranging from 100-200g per piece. Perfect for individual servings or for sharing, this option offers versatility for your Mid-Autumn culinary adventures.
ACE Mid-Autumn $25 Set ACE Mid-Autumn $25 Set
ACE Mid-Autumn $25 Set $25.00 $26.00
Option 1: Threadfin GGS Quartet (200g x 4) Enhance your Mid-Autumn celebration with the Threadfin GGS quartet set. Sourced from the best waters, this set promises the freshest threadfin cuts, ready to be transformed into a range of dishes to delight your palate. The natural flavour and tender flesh make it perfect for a joyous festival meal. Option 2: Sea Bass Fillet 220g x3 Experience a burst of flavours with our Sea Bass GGS double delight set. Each set contains two packs of sea bass cuts, offering a delightful variety in weight to suit different culinary needs. Create an array of dishes with this flexible option that promises quality and taste in every bite.
ACE Mid-Autumn $50 Set
ACE Mid-Autumn $50 Set $50.00 $58.80
Dive into the richness of the sea with our carefully curated Deluxe Seafood Set. Specially selected for seafood aficionados like you, this set promises a delectable experience with every bite. What's inside: Pearl Grouper GGS (600g) Sea Bass GGS (600g) Threadfin GGS (200g x 3)