Thanksgiving Smoked Sea Bass Rolls

Thanksgiving Smoked Sea Bass Rolls

Enjoy this quick fix dish with ACE-Fishmarket’s Smoked Sea Bass Rolls wrapped in Rice Paper.

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Our hand-filleted sea bass is gently smoked for a subtle sweetness and made ready to eat. Enhance it with Rice Paper and garnish with cooked prawns and cucumber. 


  • Smoked Sea Bass (any one of the 3 flavours - Original, Gravlax or 5 Pepper)
  • Cucumber (recommended Japanese Cucumber)
  • Cooked Prawns
  • Spring Onions 
  • Tender Lettuce


  • Cooked Prawns can be eaten as it is defrosted and chilled. If you like to warm it up, boil water to a running boil, turn off and put cold prawns in the pot and allow it to submerge for about 6-8 mins.
  • Slice the cucumber to stripes
  • Slice the spring onions
  • Dip the rice paper (one at a time) in a clean shallow bowl or pan of hot water until pliable but not floppy - about 15 seconds each. Lay that on flat table-top or plate
  • Smoked Sea Bass can be eaten as it is. Slice one packet into 2 portions

Get Ready to Roll

  • Arrange a piece of 2 of torn tender lettuce onto the Rice Paper
  • A slice or 2 of the cucumber 
  • 3 to 4 slices of prawns 
  • One portion of Smoked Sea Bass - lay it horizontal across the top of the garnishes
  • Fold right and left of Rice Paper sides inward, then tightly roll wrapper starting at the side nearest to your 

You are ready to bite into the delicious Smoked Sea bass rice paper roll. You can choose to dip into Thai Sauce / Thai Chili Sauce for extra taste - however our Smoked Sea Bass is already seasoned hence you don't have to add seasonings or any spice at ll. 

Our sea bass is cured to bring out the nutrients such as protein and omega fatty acids and also to slow the decomposition and act as natural preservative to keep it longer in the freezer. This fish is not only flavourful but also contains a great nutritional value, high in vitamin B-6, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, yet low in calories. 

Our Cooked Prawns are especially made and packed for an easy and quick meal, this pre-cooked white shrimp serves as an ideal addition to salad, pasta, sandwiches, or can even be enjoyed plain as a snack or a main dish. This pre-cooked shrimp is 100% safe to eat from the package. Just reheat it in the microwave or cook on medium heat, and it's ready to enjoy. You can also use this pre-cooked shrimp for any other cooking recipe by adding it last to ensure it's not overcooked.

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