Experience one-week fish farming at the Eco-Ark<sup>®</sup>

Experience one-week fish farming at the Eco-Ark®

🎏 Immerse yourself in a full experience of fish farming as we walk through how the millennial Singaporean embraces life on the Eco-Ark® for a week. Learn how these juveniles (yes, that's how baby fishes are called) grow, and which tanks they are transferred as they grow to adulthood.

The modern floating fish farm helps the young millennial experience first-hand the farm-to-table process. Asian seabass takes about 8 months to grow to the adult stage, and they have sharp gill plates and spiny top fins that can pierce through gloves.

However, on the lighter side, there are secret hacks that we should learn as we clean them barehanded — sever and bleed out a particular artery nestled within its gills, killing the fish fast and which produces tastier blood-free fillets.

“The four main tanks holding the farm’s adult Asian sea bass and grouper fish go deep. Way deep. One would have to go down below decks to get a glimpse of the fishes through a glass window. Watching the fish popping in and out of view, Ben described how each of the tanks has been specially designed to maintain a continuous vortex to mimic sea currents instead of letting the water stay stagnant. Asian sea bass tends to swim against currents, and the constant exercise would mean that the fish would grow leaner and longer, which makes for nutritious meat.”

Get a full grasp of Ilyas’ one-week immersion here: https://www.ricemedia.co/culture-people-millennial-singaporean-fish-farmer-for-a-week/.