ACE Nonya Steam Paste


ACE Nonya Steam Paste

Product description

Presenting ACE Nonya Steam, your passport to the vibrant flavors of Peranakan cuisine right from your kitchen. Our product marries the culinary traditions of the Chinese-Malay Nonya culture, delivering a symphony of flavors that celebrate the richness and diversity of Southeast Asian cooking.

ACE Nonya Steam is a meticulously crafted blend of premium ingredients, all steeped in a Nonya-inspired sauce that is savory, mildly spicy, and delicately sweet. This sauce is perfect for steaming, bringing out the natural flavors of your chosen ingredients, be it fish, vegetables, or tofu. Made with no preservatives, it ensures you enjoy an authentic, healthy, and satisfying meal every time.

This magical concoction is particularly well-suited to steamed fish recipes, transforming a simple dish into a star attraction with its dynamic flavor profile. It also works wonders with steamed tofu or mixed vegetables, adding a burst of Southeast Asian zest.

ACE Nonya Steam brings the beloved Peranakan food tradition to your home, making every meal a celebration. Discover the taste of Nonya heritage with ACE Nonya Steam, and let your culinary adventure begin!

Product Specification:

Condition: Frozen

Size: 100g

Country of Origin: Malaysia

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