(C) CNY Prosperity Toss in a Box

Ring in the Year of the Tiger with ACE’s Prosperity Toss in a Box for only $38.80! 🎊🏮

But wait, this treasure box has a CATCH! 

The first 100 will get a FREE Night Light and Hong Bao, plus a 10% discount when you purchase $80 and above. What a treat for this new year! 

We specially curated this bundle for you, which includes: 

  • ACE’s Smoked Sea Bass Black Pepper (75gm)
  • White/Green/Red 100g Vegetables
  • Ghee Hiang Sesame Oil 2 x 5ml


Pre-order now and do self-collection at our stores: 

📍Changi Office: c/o Changi Sailing Club, 32 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508508

📍Macpherson ACE Shop: Block 71 Circuit Rd, #01-27, Singapore 370071




Condiments Provided:

  • Sweetened Chayote Fruit Strips 40gm (Sugar)
  • Green Papaya Strips 40gm (Papaya, Sugar)
  • Preserved Cucumber Strips 45gm
  • White Sour Ginger Strip 40gm
  • Red Sweetened Ginger Strips 55gm
  • Preserved Mixed Melon Strips 45gm
  • Sweetened Lime Strips 35gm (Lime, Sugar)
  • Preserved Gourd Wax Strips 55gm
  • Ground Peanuts 50gm
  • Roasted Sesame Seeds 50gm
  • Pok Chui Crackers 40gm x 2 (Flour, Salt, Water)
  • Pepper Powder (Sachet) 2 pkt
  • Cinnamon Powder (Sachet) 2 pkt
  • Sweet Plum Sauce 70gm


Ingredients Provided:

  • Julienned Fresh White Radish 100g
  • Julienned Fresh Carrot 100g
  • Julienned Fresh Green Radish 100g
  • ACE Smoked Seabass 70g
  • Sesame Oil 5ml x 2 pkt (Gnee Hiang)


Optional Ingredients to Prepare:

  • Sugar and Salt to Taste
  • Lime Juice (Half Tsp)
  • Jelly Fish 100g


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