GIFT-A-FISH™ – “Mum’s Essential”

“People who give will never will be poor” – Anne Frank.

GIFT-A-FISH™ – “Mum’s Essential” consists of:

  • 1 x Seabass Whole Cleaned 500gm
  • 4 x Seabass Fillet 150gm
  • 2 x Grouper Slice 200gm
  • 2 x ACE Fish Broth 300gm
  • 1 x Vinegar 350ml
  • 1 x Sesame Oil 330ml

Our products are personally hand picked to cater to our selfless mothers, for them to enjoy and appreciate our healthy & tasty fish!

Our fishes are free from Hormones, Vaccines, Antibiotics and Microplastics.

Enjoy the Pure Ocean Fresh – no muddy taste, alongside with our handpicked condiments!

$90.50 -19%


We believe that it is a blessing to give than to receive.


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