GIFT-A-FISH ACE's Dad, Our Hero

ACE Dad, Our Hero consists of: 

  • 1 x Fresh Frozen Grouper Fillet 250gm
  • 2 x Frozen Seabass Fillet 220gm
  • 1 x 600-700gm whole-clean seabass
  • 1 x Red Leg Prawn 21/30
  • 2 x Nyonya Sauce
  • 2 x Grouper Broth 500gm
  • 2 x Salmon Fillet 150-170gm

Specially curated for our customers, to save them the trouble of visiting various stores to source for healthy and clean products. Our fish are without Vaccines, Hormones, Antibiotics and Microplastics.

Farm-raised naturally and locally with no muddy taste!



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