GIFT-A-FISH - "Care package"

The Care Packge Consist of:

  • 2 x Fresh Frozen Seabass Whole Cleaned 500gm
  • 2 x Fresh Frozen Seabass Fillet 220gm
  • 2 x Fresh Frozen Pearl Grouper Sliced 200gm
  • 2 x Fish Broth Seabass 500gm
  • 1 x Red Leg Prawn 31/35
  • 1 x Light Soy Sauce 350ml
  • 1 x Sesame Oil 330ml

Specially curated for our customers, to save them the trouble of visiting various stores to source for healthy and clean products.

Our Fishes are free from Antibiotics, Hormones, Vaccine, and Microplastics.

Enjoy ocean-fresh seafood delivered to you!


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  1. With current pandemic, most of us will be working from home.  ACE-FishMarket® will ship you fresh fish right to your doorstep, our very own Care Package. Or, send love with our Gift-a-Fish CARE package to people that are dear to you. We all do need some comforting in this dire strait of time.


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