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Fresh Chilled Pearl Grouper Fillet 300gm

Weight: 300gm

Freshly Harvested and Filleted Grouper Fillet



Weight: 300gm SG Produce

Groupers are known for its sweet and mild flavor. It’s subtle taste make it a easily accepted by young children and anyone who worries about fish being “fishy”.
Grouper fillets are excellent for baking, steam or even as a sliced fish for fish soup.

Our grouper are farmed naturally without antibiotics and hormones.
Fresh groupers are harvested and filleted on the same day of delivery.

Storage Guide: As it’s freshly harvested on the day of delivery, keep it chilled between 0 to 5 degrees celsius for up to 3 days. It not consuming within 3 days, recommended to keep frozen.

Suitable for: Steaming, Soup, Porridge, Stir Fry, sliced for hotpot


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