Fresh Frozen Seabass Whole Cleaned 100-200gm - 500gm bundle pack x 2

The ACE Barramundi is freshly harvested descaled and gutted, packed for your convenience. Harvest on the same day as delivery!

Our fishes are grown sustainably on the ECO-ARK, a closed-containment farm offshore Singapore, without the use of Antibiotics, Hormones, Vaccines, and Microplastics.

Our Seabass is also high in protein.

Why do we brand ourselves as Fresh?

Being a local farm, our fishes are as Singaporean as you! We boast the shortest fish food mile in Singapore, from our tanks to processing, our fish are prepared onboard the ECO-ARK, frozen, and delivered straight to your doorstep!

We deliver ocean-fresh seafood to you!



Weight: Approx 500gm

A bundle of 100-200gm Seabass totaling to 500gm

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