Currency of Transactions
All orders will be charged in US$. If the currency converter has been selected to display in a currency other than US$ then be aware that the price shown might not be the same price charged to your credit card or Paypal account. Therefore due to exchange rate fluctuations and any fees and charges determined by your credit card company, Paypal or the payment provider you choose, the final amount charged to your card can not be predetermined if your card is not US$ denominated.
Customs Duty & Tax & Delivery Charges
You are responsible for paying any duties or taxes imposed for customs or importing goods into your country. You are also responsible for any additional delivery charges caused by any changes of delivery address requested by you after a package has been dispatched by us. If in doubt, check with your local post office, Fedex or government customs office.
Design Copyright

If you have asked Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith Limited to design and make a custom piece for you, then you, the client, acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the piece are retained by Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith Limited both before and after you promise to pay, or pay, for the goods in part or in full; andYou will not reproduce the piece without the express written authorisation of Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith Limited.
Jens Hansen requires a non-refundable deposit of 25% or amount mutually agreed to cover cost of materials before commencement of the special order.
The piece will not be released to the client until payment has been made in full.
Unless you expressly in writing inform Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith Limited that you do not agree to these terms, you will automatically be taken to understand and agree to them.

🚚 Locally Grown

Eco-Ark® is located off the coast of Pulau Ubin, boasting the shortest fish food mile to reach you islandwide, Monday to Saturday.

🐟 Organically Farmed

Fish is farm-raised naturally without vaccines, antibiotics and hormones.

🍽 Freshness Guaranteed

Harvested and processed on the same day of delivery to ensure maximum freshness. when the fish reach your plate