UPGRAIN Japanese Noodles, Ramen
ACE Fishmarket®️ UPGRAIN Japanese Noodles, Ramen $5.90
1 pack of UPGRAIN Japanese Noodles (Ramen). Cook a high-fibre and tasty ramen with UPGRAIN’s Japanese Noodle! Made from 100% natural ingredients and 0 preservatives, UPGRAIN’s Japanese Noodles give you 6x more fibre with only half the carb. This noodle serves as a healthier noodle option for your cooking recipe and makes a healthy diet feels like a cheating day. Produced in small batches and vacuum-packed to ensure its freshness, this noodle is specially curated for healthy yet quick meal prep, giving a high-quality taste and texture. This noodle is specifically made for ramen recipes giving you the smooth, chewy texture and all the taste of a ramen noodle. Serve the noodle in a bowl of thick, nutty, and sweet soup for Miso ramen or in collagen-rich bone broth for Tonkotsu ramen, or any ramen soup you decide.
UPGRAIN Thin Egg Noodles, Meekia
ACE Fishmarket®️ UPGRAIN Thin Egg Noodles, Meekia $5.90
1 pack of UPGRAIN Thin Egg Noodles (Mee Pok). Get 6x more fibre by savouring the tasty UPGRAIN’s Thin Egg Noodle! Made perfect for a savoury dish, UPGRAIN’s Thin Egg Noodles contains only ½ carbs and 6x more fibre. Made 100% natural with no preservatives, this thin egg noodle is specially curated for healthy and quick meal prep, without leaving behind the taste and texture. This noodle is produced in small batches and vacuum-packed to lock its freshness. With this radically better noodle, you can enjoy a whole new way to take your fibre. Stirfry this noodle in a sweet sauce, top it with marinated minced meat, and serve with a hot broth on the side. Or if you prefer a warm soup, you can stir and boil the noodle in a savoury soup along with vegetables, dumplings, and meatballs.
UPGRAIN Wonton Noodles
ACE-Fishmarket®️ UPGRAIN Wonton Noodles $5.90
Made with UPGRAIN flour, enjoy your noodle cravings without the worry of having too many carbs. UPGRAIN Wonton Noodles contain ½ the carbs, gut-friendly fibre and 100% natural ingredients.Experience flavourful noodles of Cantonese origin that are perfectly al-dente, chewy and elastic. These noodles are packed in a vacuum bag that keeps them fresh for one month in the chiller and much longer in the freezer. Once opened must be consumed within three (3) days.

🚚 Locally Grown

Eco-Ark® is located off the coast of Pulau Ubin, boasting the shortest fish food mile to reach you islandwide, Monday to Saturday.

🐟 Naturally Farmed

Fish is farm-raised naturally without vaccines, antibiotics and hormones.

🍽 Freshness Guaranteed

Harvested and processed on the same day of delivery to ensure maximum freshness when the fish reach your plate