Assam Paste (200gm)
ACE Fishmarket®️ Assam Paste (200gm) $4.90
1 pack of Assam Paste (200gm per pack). Add Kwong Chong Thye’s Assam Paste to add a fresh, tangy flavour to your dish! Popularly used for fish or seafood meals, Kwong Chong Thye’s Assam Paste is made from ground fresh spices, giving a strong taste of tamarind and a hint of spice. The paste is best used as a stirfry and soup seasoning, and is an excellent addition to a grill and BBQ coating sauce. With assam paste, you can make a tangy savoury fish dish, by adding the paste to a pot of fish fillet and boiling water and letting it simmer for 10-12 minutes until the soup thicken. Or, you can brush assam paste to your grilled prawns, squids, and fish to add extra flavour.
Crispy Chilli (230g)
ACE Fishmarket®️ Crispy Chilli (230g) $5.90
1 jar of Crispy Chilli (230gm per jar). Multiply the taste of your meals with the addictive Kwong Chong Thye’s Crispy Chilli! This popular Kwong Chong Thye’s Crispy Chili goes well with everything. Its fragrant aroma, extra crispy texture, and rich flavour are a treat for the tongue. This extremely addictive chilli sauce multiplies the taste of your dish significantly. This spicy and savoury chilli sauce has less sodium compared to the regular sauce, and primarily uses garlic for the flavour making it considerably healthier to consume. Plus, this sauce is halal-certified. With Crispy Chilli, you can turn your basic home-cooked meals into a gourmet. Pour the sauce over a bowl of hot soup, noodles, and ramen to give a spicy kick, or add it on top of your plain white rice and fried egg, or even as a dipping sauce for your fries.
Steamed Fish Sauce (500ml)
ACE-Fishmarket®️ Steamed Fish Sauce (500ml) $4.50
Naturally brewed with the finest ingredients, this is the perfect condiment for steamed fish.
Sweet Bean Paste (230gm)
ACE Fishmarket®️ Sweet Bean Paste (230gm) $3.90
1 jar of Sweet Bean Paste (230gm per jar). Add Kwong Chong Thye’s Sweet Bean Paste to your curry to give a twist of sweetness and fragrant aroma! Made from the finest ingredients and using a family recipe passed down from generation to generation, this Kwong Chong Thye’s Sweet Bean Paste is best for fish and vegetable dishes, giving a twist of sweetness. This fragrant sauce is an excellent condiment for daily cooking to enhance the sweet and savoury taste of the dish. Add sweet bean paste to your fish, beef or chicken curry, add vegetables of your choice, and serve with a bowl of hot rice.

🚚 Locally Grown

Eco-Ark® is located off the coast of Pulau Ubin, boasting the shortest fish food mile to reach you islandwide, Monday to Saturday.

🐟 Naturally Farmed

Fish is farm-raised naturally without vaccines, antibiotics and hormones.

🍽 Freshness Guaranteed

Harvested and processed on the same day of delivery to ensure maximum freshness when the fish reach your plate