ACE Fishmarket®️ GIFT-A-FISH - "Care package" $112.90
With current pandemic, most of us will be working from home.  ACE-FishMarket® will ship you fresh fish right to your doorstep, our very own Care Package. Or, send love with our Gift-a-Fish CARE package to people that are dear to you. We all do need some comforting in this dire strait of time.
GIFT-A-FISH – “Mum’s Essential” GIFT-A-FISH – “Mum’s Essential”
ACE Fishmarket®️ GIFT-A-FISH – “Mum’s Essential” $109.90
We believe that it is a blessing to give than to receive.

🚚 Locally Grown

Eco-Ark® is located off the coast of Pulau Ubin, boasting the shortest fish food mile to reach you islandwide, Monday to Saturday.

🐟 Naturally Farmed

Fish is farm-raised naturally without vaccines, antibiotics and hormones.

🍽 Freshness Guaranteed

Harvested and processed on the same day of delivery to ensure maximum freshness when the fish reach your plate