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About Us

Our story begins with plans that would later come to life in the form of the Eco-Ark® - an eco-friendly, modern fish farm that now floats just a few kilometers off of Changi Village.

With the game changing technology of the Eco Ark®, the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE) has developed safe, efficient and eco-friendly methods to farm fish locally and at a sustainable rate.

The Eco-Ark® is one of a kind – blending modern aquaculture with traditional fish farming methods to provide our community with farm fresh, healthy fish.




Our Approach is Eco-friendly!

The Eco-Ark® is 100% solar powered during the daytime, zero waste and zero carbon emission.


We farm sustainably!

Because we farm on a close containment facility, we do not have to subject natural fish populations to over fishing, therefore ensuring that we do not endanger the natural ecosystem.


Fresh and Chemical free

Our fish are antibiotic, vaccine and micro plastic free! Because they are raised in in closely monitored, optimal conditions, there is no need to feed them any extra chemicals and therefore they are free to grow naturally and healthily!