4 Reasons why ACE fish makes an excellent meal for kids

As parents, the safety and well-being of our kids are our top priority. We all want what’s best for our kids! Be it academic achievements, welfare, or in this case, healthy growth and development. This enables children to thrive and grow up to be healthy adults!

Here are 4 reasons ACE fish makes an excellent meal for kids!

1) The less chemical the better!

The thought of foreign chemicals circulating in their bodies, especially something that will impact the growth of our kids. “That’s nasty!”
For example, if our vegetables are treated with insecticides to stop pests, are we indirectly consuming the insecticides too?

Or how about growth hormones injected into chickens? Will it impact the growth of our kids too? There are too many uncertainties and risks involved with these chemicals. Better safe than sorry.

At ACE, our fish are grown without “Vaccines, Antibiotics & Hormones”. Ask yourself, how can ACE do it without the use of any chemicals? It’s simple.

Our fishes are farmed onboard the ECO-ARK, a floating closed containment farm. We do use seawater but it is treated with an ozonated and filtration system before it’s pumped into our tanks.

2) Nutritious and Scrumptious !

Pic: Grouper Slice 200gm

“Eat your veggies boys!” Does that sound familiar to you? Might be just what was said to you! (You might be the one saying it now) Not denying that vegetables are significant, but having a wide variety of nutritious protein rich food is important for both growing children and adults. Fishes provide a totally different set of nutritional value to the table.

Fish is rich in:

  1. Protein, that helps the body recover from wounds, strengthen bones and increase muscle mass.
  2. Iron, that helps carry oxygen in your body when partnered with redblood cells
  3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids, that aids in preventing blood clotting, reducing inflammatory conditions & reduces thickening of artery walls.

On a side note, Fish can be cooked in many different ways too! Check out our recipe page for some recipes.


3) Mercury in Fish

On the topic of nutrition, I have people approaching me with “Does your fish contain Mercury?” Some people avoid seafood for this particular reason alone. Mercury is present in all seafood, including fish, and can be toxic to humans when consumed in large quantities.

To answer the question above, short answer “An insignificant amount

The long answer, all fishes contain a certain amount of mercury, some more so than others. Factors contributing to mercury levels are

  1. Age of fish
  2. Location of water body

This is more predominant in wild-caught fish as they tend to live longer. Whereas fishes that are farmed are for a shorter period of time before harvest and water cleaned and filtered in a closed containment set-up like ACE.

4) Boneless Fillet

Picture: Seabass 25gm twin pack

Our fish are processed for your convenience – descaled, gutted, and deboned. However, do be careful as small bones may be left behind.

Here at Aquaculture Centre of Excellence, we believe in having minimal to zero wastage, and thus, we convert our fish bones to be made into fish broth. Furthermore, the guts and scraps of the fish are thereby converted into plant fertilizer.